Flexibility and control
Gerald Henning Loans are uniquely designed to give you more flexibility and control than other loans. Here's
how they work:

What's a Gerald Henning loan?
Gerald Henning Loans offers fixed sum instalment loans from $1,000 to $50,000,000. We will assess whether
you can afford to repay the amount requested, and the terms and interest rates will vary according to the loan
amount approved.
Please remember, Gerald Henning Loans is a high-cost, short term credit provider - which means this credit is
expensive and is unsuitable for supporting sustained borrowing over long periods.

How is it flexible?
Each Gerald Henning Loans instalment loan is for a fixed term but at any time you can choose a flexible
overpayment plan, which allows you to pay early - in part, or in full - saving you money on interest.
If you don't want to request to make regular overpayments you can make one-off, additional payments at any
time via your online account.
We always recommend you repay the most you can afford as soon as possible to save on interest.

Is the rate capped?
Each instalment loan meets the FCA rate cap requirements. This means you will never pay more than 0.8%
interest per day and never pay back in interest more than the original amount borrowed.

Applying is easy
A decision in minutes
Our easy-to-follow online application allows you to request the cash you need when you most need it - and get
a decision within minutes. Then if approved, cash is sent to your bank within 15 minutes.
5-day cooling-off period
We're happy to give you 5 days to change your mind. No questions asked. Just call our customer care team to
return the amount you borrowed and we won't charge you a penny. All we ask is that you stick to our
reasonable usage cap of once a month.
This is in addition to your statutory 14 day right of withdrawal.

How to pay us back
Repay via your debit card.
Due dates will be set to your pay dates. Just make sure funds are available in your bank account; we'll do the
Making overpayments
If you find that you have a little extra cash each month and you wish to pay off your loan more quickly, you can
make additional payments at any time by logging into the Payments Options of your online account. This will
mean you save money in interest.
You can also request us to take regular overpayments by choosing a flexible overpayment plan. This allows
you to pay more each month and pay your loan off early. Again, this will save you money on interest.

Managing your account easily
· Receive statements via email
· Get text message updates
· View your balance and payments online
· See everything on the go on your mobile

Loans to suit you
A wide range to meet your needs
Subject to your eligibility, you can choose from a range of amounts from £100 to £2,500 - on variable terms -
so there's sure to be an instalment loan that's exactly right for you.
Whether you need a few hundred pounds to bridge a short-term gap, or a larger sum to turn a plan into reality,
Gerald Henning Loans lets you select the loan amount that's exactly right for your circumstances.

Flexible overpayment options
You're in charge
Your loan term will depend on the amount borrowed and will be fixed accordingly. If you would like to pay early
you can select a flexible overpayment plan, allowing you to repay more each month over a shorter period of
time and saving you money.
If you have a little extra spare cash one month you can make a one-off, additional payment at any time using
your online account. As you only pay interest on your balance you will save money in interest.

No fees, only interest
Clear, simple pricing
We're not like all the lenders out there. At Gerald Henning Loans, you'll only pay daily interest on what you
borrow. You'll never have to worry about admin fees, early repayment fees or late payment fees because we
don't charge them.

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